Hi I’m Natalie

Hi my name is Natalie and this post is all about me. I like to read and play with my little bro video games like Super Smash Brothers. I love to go outside and play soccer hand I am in 4th grade and I am 10 years old and my friends sometimes call me Nat and I like to play around with my mom and dad. The movies I like are Deadpool and Venom and I like to do art.

My watercolor painting

What I did on the weekend

When I woke up it was pouring a lot but my mom still had to do the laundry and after we did that we went to office depot and got a storage closet but it was to big for the car so we had to go to home depot so my dad can rent a truck and carry the storage closet and after we went home me and my little brother got batteries so we can play laser tag but my phone wasn’t working so we had to stop playing.